Sometimes you feel lost in the great great sea

With nowhere to go you feel lost

Lost forever

And you know u’ll die one day

In the sea and in nowhere 

You have no one to love or even talk

Just you the air and life and of course the water

And you fear this you fear life 

You are helpless in front of it

You cannot save yourself when it decides to take you

And you wish you never have come here

But life isn’t predictable

You never know what will happen next

And a time comes you wish to die

But you fear drowning

You start fearing water

You start fearing urself 

And one day you see seagulls flying

And another moment you see a big wave opening it’s mouth to engulf you

And the next moment there is nothing to be seen no seagulls no land but just water

You see the sky meeting the sea somewhere far

And you wish you could get there and fly home

Home where you could live again

But with time

You no more fear death or life or anything

You become one with the water

It becomes you and you become it 

And at that time you become one with everything 

And you find yourself flying in the sky


Sometimes all we are left with is pain

Sometimes all we get is pain

And yet sometimes all we give is pain

It is always the pain one way or other

For her it was love once

And then that love is pain

Also it was pain once 

And now it is love 

but the pain never left

It never will

Because it is always the pain

Pain that lives forever

This is what she learned from life

Maybe this is what she is : pain


Sitting by the window is a girl,

You see her, she is beautiful.

She has the most beautiful eyes,

Her body curves are perfect,

Her skin soft, her hairs black.

Have you seen her all ?

No, you saw what’s outside,

You didn’t noticed the infinite scars,

Million of scars that she carry everyday,

scars beneath her skin that she love.

Each of them tells stories of battle fought,

She won all those battles all by herself.

She never needed someone to protect her,

She is her protector, she is her ideal.

Can you see the million of broken pieces,

Look closer under her tender self,

You’ll see every inch of her soul.

You’ll see how brave she is,

You’ll see the pride in her smile.

But that is not all, there is a lot more.

sometimes these scars bleed,

And it hurts her soul,

It make her doubt herself.

But she is no weak, she is brave and wild,

She will rise one day and be one,

with the scarred and sacred moon: her love.

Here’s another of my free verse poem:

let her

let her

Let her be innocent,

To live as a child.

Don’t tell her right and wrong,

Let her be the judge,

To decide what she should feel.

Don’t impose your expectations on her,

Let her go where her heart is,

To build her own magnificent self.

Don’t put boundation on her,

Let her soul grow and fly,

To rise above the blue sky.

Don’t limit her unripe mind,

Let her make her own mistakes,

To learn from dear life.

Don’t always protect her,

Let her get hurt sometimes,

To feel the pain and see the reality.

Don’t hold her high,

Let her be the rain,

To see the joy in falling down.

Don’t make her too cold,

Let her be the sunshine,

To feel the warmth of emotions.

Don’t hold her down,

Let her be like water,

To embrace everything in the way.

Don’t limit her soul,

Let her be the sky,

To not be bound by lies.

Don’t ever restrain her,

Let her be the sea,

To be free and wild.
Above all,

Let her be love,

For love is all we need,

For love is all we want,

For love is all we have.

Just let her be.